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Of course Yes!  As humans are spending fortunes to be in shape, look nice and slow the aging process. Our pets deserve to stay active, happy and not crippled by the age. GeroVetal is the veterinarian dietary supplement of the most efficient anti-aging treatment: The GeroVital H3.


  • Stimulates Cell Reproduction
  • Enhance the Pet  Immune System
  • Solidifies the Bones
  • Against Anemia
  • Mood Enhancer
  • Positive Cardio-Vascular Effects.
  • Hairs and Coat Enhancer
  • Suppress Skin  Lesions
  • Fights Osteoporosis
  • Suppress fatigue
  • Efficient for Rheumatism
  • Slow graying Hairs
  • Etc.

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We want to thank our "top models":
Moquette de la Cresta
(the American Cat)

Lazlo (Lotsi)  of Pennlee
(the Hungarian Viszla)

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Founder of the Bucharest
National Geriatic Institute
In Bucharest Romania
About Dr. Ana Aslan



Welcome to GeroVetal™

Keep your pet young and active all "his/her" life.

Gerovital is a human Anti-Aging Teatment used by Movie Stars (M. Jackson, D. Clark),  Head of States (J.F. Kennedy, De Gaulle, Mao Tse Toung) and top Champions (Nadia  Comaneci, the incredible senior Ultra Marathoner Vladimir Kotov). For more than 10 years  US and UK veterinarians  use the GeroVital H3  with great success  for animals (Dogs, Cats and Horses).

Discovered by the Romanian Doctor/Professor Ana Aslan, the GeroVital H3  is based on the proved rejuvenating action of the procaine. Please download the scientific studies on the anti-aging action of Gerovital. In 2007 medical presentations on GeroVital®  were made at the prestigious congress of the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine, as well as at the Latin American Congress of Anti Aging in Mexico.

The procaine is a vitamin. Procaine is made up of two compounds hooked together, PABA a "B" vitamin and DEAE a biological precursor to the "B" vitamin Choline.

You can order it on line directly from the manufacturer at low US dollars.

GeroVital for pets 
Box of 25 GH3 Tablets US$24 + S&H

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GeroVetal™ Protocol for Animals

DOGS (over 4 years old)

Less than 5 Kg/11 Lb
1/4 tablet every 2 days for 24 days/month
Less than 10 Kg/22 Lb
1/2 tablets every 2 days for 24 days/month
Less than 20K/44Lb
1 tablet every two days for 24 days/month
Over 20 Kg/88Lb
1 tablet every day for 24 days.month
Over 40Kg/176Lb
2 tablets every 2 days for 24 days/month
CATS (over 6 years old)
1/2 tablets every 2 days for 24 days/month
For older horses, Mares 1 Gerovital Injection/Day Click here

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For human  anti-aging treatment you may visit
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